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Village Valaská is an independent self-governing territorial and administrative unit of the Slovak Republic, brings together people who are in its territory of residence. Ownership is a legal person under the conditions provided by law independently manages its own property and own revenue.
The basic task of the municipalities in the exercise of self-care is the comprehensive development of its territory and the needs of its people. Municipality in the performance of his government may impose obligations and restrictions as the law and under international treaty.



The emblem of the villge Valaská

Name of village: Valaská
Address: Nám.1.mája 460 / 8, 976 46 Valaská
ID: 00313904
Legal Form: 801 Village (Municipal Office)
OKEČ: 751100 General government
Date of establishment: 01.07.1973
Date of confirmation of award ID
and identification of the statistical register:

First voice about village: 1470

   Village Valaská residential conglomerate is composed of three parts: the original village Valaská, the local housing estate Sídlisko and the Piesok. Valaská lies along both sides of traffic highway - I/66 road that connects cities Brezno and Banská Bystrica.
   Valaská belongs to the larger size categories of municipalities. In Valaská lived under the last census in 2017, 3 650 people, representing the third largest municipality in the district Brezno. There Valaská 5.86% of the population live in the district Brezno. Valaská, along with city and community Brezno Podbrezová included the population centers of regional importance, which accumulates in the residential and economic functions of the district.
   Intravilan parent of the elongated shape of the village to pursue rightside east - west river Hron. With its built-up floor plan and the type of public road of the village. Its oldest part is sealing the street Tatranská  and the street well, leading to Studnička, where the "Tajch's leat". This part is called Village. In it was situated parsonage, a mill and the old school building. Old farmhouses are clusters of homes without apparent street network. Compositional axis generate two streets. Cesta Osloboditeľov (in the direction of Piesok - Brezno) in length, about 2 km, which was the main path and private network services, craftsmen and tradesmen and Tatranská street leading north from the River Hron, which results in Roads liberators. The original village streets to complete the planning well, Vladislav Valach st., Potôčky, Záhradná st. and Javorová st. A special feature is the church located outside municipalities behind river Hron. 
   Housing development with 3 to 5 floor buildings and objects amenities located south of the old part of town on a hill Lipová outcropping, definitioned Hron and railway. Compositional urban axis is Trieda Dukelských hrdinov, touching the Squares 1. Mája. The square has a square floor plan and builted objects of public services. It dominates the Social house building located a municipal post. Housing area is east of objects builted individual housing, which is divided into the streets Pod Hrbom st., Partizánska cesta, Hronská st., kpt. Nálepku st., Pod Lipovou st., Kukučínova st., Budovateľská st. 
   The local portion Piesok lies downstream of river Bystrianka. Axis of the local part of the journey - Strojárenská street leading from the Štiavnička smart. Map of local streets as part of Robotnícka st., Mierová st., Pod Dielom st..


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Sociálny taxík

Obec Valaská od 2.5.2018 pripravuje zámer poskytovania služieb sociálneho taxíka. V prílohe nájdete cenník poplatkov a dotazník k uvedenej službe.   Poskytovanie služieb sociálneho taxíka Dotazník ku službe  

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